Prämierung der Besten: Respekt gewinnt!

Die Preisträger 2011 stehen fest:

Loyal ist auf Platz Fünf und erhielt eine Auszeichnung!


Loyal ist schön geworden!

Doonited milestone-project: Getting ready to renovate...Milestone Project: Loyal e.V. by doonited:

Link zum Video: http://vimeo.com/33804336

All together we have reached the 25.000 Drops this week. So we renovated a youth center in Berlin, like promised. It's been a lot of fun as the video shows. The kids have been a big help. The center looks much nicer now and got some new equipment as well.

Big thanks to all helping hands and the corporate supporters: Vapiano, Sitzfeldt, Tesa, Globus, Farben Kacza and the Betahaus.

A new project is coming up when we hit the 35.000. So keep going and spread the word - together we can make it happen



Danke an alle Akteure!